Even though all cryptocurrencies are still losing value as of right now, a lot of people are impressed by how well the XRP price holds up. More specifically, the current XRP price is not even close to its all-time high by any means, yet it seems to have found a stable floor above $0.55 for the time being.

Although the year 2017 was pretty amazing for the XRP price, it seems unlikely this cycle will repeat itself in the near future. With so much negative pressure across all markets, it is evident things are not looking too promising right now  Turning that situation around will not be straightforward by any means, yet we may see some interesting changes regardless.

So far, it seems the XRP price has found a stable floor, which is equally as important. Given all of the market volatility to contend with right now, any form of stability is considered to be a good thing.

Whether or not this means the XRP price will not dip below $0.5 again the future, remains to be seen. With how things are looking right now it seems virtually impossible to think that will be the case, but this industry is full of surprises.

Even so, it’s still good to see the XRP price hold its own at $0.64 right now. Although the XRP price has lost 2.13% in USD value over the past 24 hours, it has also gained 1.62% over Bitcoin in the same period.Considering how altcoins often struggle to gain on Bitcoin when the BTC value is dropping, this small uptrend is pretty significant. Read more from altcointoday.com…

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