Mining Bitcoin is a hot business. Literally.

Miners earn cryptocurrency by using graphics processing units to run complicated math equations that help secure the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. Running a GPU that hard and that long heats up the machine and when it gets hot, it can perform poorly or even break.

The problem gets worse when you add more GPUs to the mix. That many machines mining in such close proximity pulls in a lot of electricity and generates a lot of heat.

Miners have gotten creative with their cooling solutions. The most expensive we’ve seen is the Redditor who spent $120,000 to create a tank of mineral oil to cool his rig.

The dankest we’ve uses a $40 mylar tent designed for growing weed. YouTuber Yuri Murakami ordered a cheap marijuana grow tent online, stuffed his mining rig inside and used a system of ducts to bring in cool air and push out hot air. Read more from…

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