President Reuven Rivlin meets with haredi soldiers of the ‘Abirei Hashachar’ battalion. Yesterday (Tuesday) Israel’s President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin visited an IDF transport base that serves as a logistics center for both routine and emergency corps and provisions transports.

At the base, he met and spoke to soldiers from the haredi battalion Abirei Hashachar who serve on site and Nahal Haredi rabbis. In the course of his conversations with the haredi battalion soldiers, President Rivlin asserted: “I see that every person has the capacity to maintain the lifestyle that follows the dictates of his conscience and simultaneously serve in the IDF, which is our collective duty.

It is a duty that is our number one priority. I know and appreciate that there are people who learn and genuinely ‘kill themselves in the tent of Torah,’ and that it is forbidden to disturb or bar them from even one moment of learning—because they are the ones who can do this, who accomplish and ascend to such lofty levels.

“Simultaneously, we all appreciate that everyone must partner with our capacity to defend the nation, especially when many of our neighbors do not perceive our existence here in this land as indisputable. Beyond this, they think that they can drive us out of here.

“The capacity to maintain the economy and society, and the capacity to raise Torah scholars are collective, and we must be involved and connected with one another. I am very pleased by the IDF’s strength—which is obviously upholding the security of the State of Israel and also assisting each and every one of our sons who upon joining the IDF require this blanket of assistance. Read more from…

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