-Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis Cryptocurrency influencer joins bulls with a $50,000 end of year valuation for Bitcoin based on failings in the fiat market. Nicholas Merten, whose dedicated Youtube channel ‘data dash’ has nearly 300,000 followers, is an entrepreneur and investor in the crypto space with a wide-reaching influence who occupies a position somewhere between John McAfee and Tom Lee.

When he tweets his opinions and predictions to his over 34,000 followers he can cause a change in trends. His latest prediction that has Bitcoin at more than double it’s 2017 high by the end of the year relies on some major failings in the fiat market.

In his Tweet Merten lists four factors he believes will push the price of Bitcoin up to highs never before seen. Merten is a known crypto evangelist but even a few of his followers questioned his reasoning in the tweet.

A follower who uses the handle Sammy Tommy pointed out that interest rates have no correlation with cryptocurrency prices and that though Deutsche Bank is restructuring, there is no way a bank of that size is going under by the end of the year. When another follower asked for his prediction on the year-end crypto market cap Merten wrote that in his model it should go to $1 trillion.

Among market predictors, Merten seems to occupy the middle ground between the antics of John McAfee who trades on his image of being a maverick in any space he occupies (Merten also shows himself on Twitter with guns) and the Tom Lees and Brian Kellys who bring a more traditional buttoned-down aspect to market predictions when they appear on shows like CNCB’s Fast Money. No matter if they are talking about the collapse of fiat banks or soberly discussing their charts and graphs all of these bulls are calling for a big number for Bitcoin in the fourth quarter. Read more from newsbtc.com…

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