Here is day 2 of our soon to be named podcast. Robert Dempsey and give a little intro here then jump right in.

Our intent with this show is to pull back the curtain to digital marketing. Share with you what we are doing, what is working, what isn’t working, and general news and tips on digital marketing.

Today’s show we did a little intro to explain this in the most concise way possible. In our later episodes this will be shorter and we will jump right into the content.


Join Us on the Show

Do you like being around people that are making things happen? Do you enjoy the energy of people that are action orientated? How about people that come up with a concept or an idea and execute?

This is our promise to you. We will focus on sharing with you the inside view of what is working in digital marketing. This really isn’t about us though and we would like to invite you on the show.

Are you currently marketing yourself or your product in the digital space? We want to hear from you. We also want to invite you on our show as a guest. We will have an open discussion and get into the meat of what strategies and tactics you are using. We will ask questions and suggest things that might help or ideas you can implement right now. In addition we would ask that we all have a good time!

Please note this show and concept is new for Robert and I so we are still working out format, length, time, etc… but we are committed to making it and making it great.

First I give a quick background on what you can expect in our show and what we will be talking about in future versions. Then we cover…

Strategy of a Video Landing Page

Next, Robert shares with us his strategy on some of his niche websites. He goes into detail around a particular video strategy he is currently rolling out. From there we discuss why this is a good strategy and what or how is he going to measure results.

He also talks about why he feels this is a good move and why he feels video is by far the best way to communicate on the web.

Rework of a Product

Then I share with you a product I have in the real estate market. This product has been on auto-pilot for a while now but in looking at stats and traffic I saw an opportunity.

I share with you the strategy of what I did, why I decided to create a 5+ hour recording and what I’m going to do after I release that.

Essentially I’m reworking the offer, updating the affiliate program, and sending more paid traffic to get data quicker. I might even continue that traffic but I’m not sure.