Welcome to episode number 3. Both Robert and I hop on Skype and share updates on what we have been up to in our own individual marketing efforts.

You can also catch episode 1 and episode 2

In the first part of the show both Robert and I give an update of some of the high level things we did over the last week. I start out first and share…

In my real estate niche I updated the product. I essentially turned my e-book into an audio book as a bonus download. After I did that I updated my offer page with some minor changes to reflect this new content.


My Budget Gone in 10 Minutes

Not wanting to wait I wanted to drive traffic. So I fired up a great domain targeted campaign and blew through my budget in the first 10 minutes. I have a rule. Whenever I make a dumb mistake I take a second to step back because usually I’ve made a dumb mistake somewhere else.

Essentially I had CraigsList.org in my target list. Huge mistake as this is one of the biggest trafficked site in my niche. After taking that out and double checking I then saw a huge jumps in opt-ins.

My Email List

For this product I’ve some how or somewhere built an email list. One list of 37 and another list of 900 or so. I’ve never emailed either one of these lists. So I figured why don’t I email them to keep in touch.

Here are my results:

Email List 1:

  • 909 Emails sent
  • 107 bounces (11.8%)
  • 1.25% complaints
  • 106 opens (11.7%)
  • 31 clicks (3.4%)
  • 2 sales (yeah)

Email List 2:

  • 37 emails sent
  • 2 bounces (5.4%)
  • 2.86% complaints
  • 8 opens (21.6%)
  • 2 clicks (5.4%)
  • 1 Sale (yeah)

Not bad for an email list that I never have emailed.

Here’s What I’m Doing Next

My next step is to drive more traffic to increase my sales and to build my email list. From there I’ve created an email auto-responder campaign. This is value based with a soft sale for my product.

I’ve also noticed that my traffic comes from a few states here in the US. So I’m going to be creating special offers that is state specific.

Here’s What Robert is Up Too…

Robert has finished his offers and finished his membership site (find more info on his internet marketing). Also how he has used his membership site where he is gaining valuable strategic data. This is gold right here and shouldn’t be something that you overlook.

He also shared his strategy with his analytic tools. The first tool is Clicky and PostRank. He also goes into more depth and covers tons more topics which is why I suggest you listen to today’s show.

Great stuff in this episode and if you like what we are doing here please share or comment below.