Steve Kloyda – Prospecting Expert

In today’s show we talk with Steve Kloyda (visit website) an expert in exploding your sales and prospecting. Steve Kloyda has made more than 250,000 telephone sales calls, listened to and analyzed more than 25,000 sales calls and facilitated more than 6000 one-on-one coaching sessions.

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In today’s show you’ll learn:

  • With the popularity of social media is prospecting a dying art?
  • The secrets to successful prospecting.
  • The one thing you can do to increase your prospecting success.
  • A great story about how text messaging is changing our world
  • The one secret that will make a major impact on your business

Steve has created the “Magnetic Selling Strategies” a unique process which attracts more Prospects, retains more Clients and drives more Sales! You can also view Steve’s blog:

Steve began his sales career in 1980 as a stockbroker. In a highly competitive business where the telephone can often lead to frustration, Steve learned to develop the skills and disciplines needed to produce phenomenal results. In only 8 months he had opened 180 new accounts from cold calls, along with setting a company record of nine in one day!

Prospecting the Key to Success in today’s economy

In 1989, Steve joined a local sales training organization as Vice President of sales. Each week he would work one-on-one with his salespeople by listening to their tape-recorded telephone calls. Together they would identify what was working and what wasn’t, and then discuss specific strategies for improved performance. This hands-on approach and the positive feedback Steve provided led to superior results for his salespeople. Steve realized that this fresh approach to learning was producing results, and the combination of his love of sales along with his unique ability to teach others became the catalyst that created Telemasters, Inc. in 1990.

Steve’s motivation, insights and down-to-earth strategies provide a powerful learning experience for all. His mission in life is to lead, teach and inspire others to apply timeless principles that produce life-changing results.