By: Sasquatch I

There’s something I’ve noticed over the last few years, at least in my own online purchases.

I think I make a near instant decision if I’m going to buy something. That’s I’m going buying this thing… not if I’m interested in something, not let me see if I’m going to stick around, no it’s yes I will be buying this thing that I am looking at.

Now I will account for the fact I might be way out there, an oddity, someone who still has a rotary phone (okay maybe not that, but I’d like to see a kids today figure out how to text with that).

This isn’t too earth shattering if you study marketing in anyway but I think it’s often one of the most overlooked aspects of putting together offers.

I suppose it’s not that surprising. Imagine you’re at the grocery store and you see an amazing package on the shelf that catches your eye. You’ve probably made your decision pretty quick if it’s going into your cart or not. Then there are the impulse purchase items around the register.

I don’t think that quite gets there, at least not for me. I’ve done this a few times with software solutions we’ve purchased.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]How many I’m going to buy this decisions are made in a micro-second?[/social_quote]

The leap I’m taking or what I feel in my gut is that it’s not just interest that is peaked right away but the decision to purchase. If not decision often I think it’s a strong desire to purchase in a near instant.

What’s Happening in that Micro-Second?

Something is conveyed visually in an appealing way that provides instant benefit. This is usually a combination of a headline, design of the page, and a visual element that provides context to what this thing does.

Not to get too of track but we’ve noticed the same thing with social shares. People share things based on the initial emotional feeling often times by not even visiting an attached link or website.

Maybe this is part of a troubling trend mankind is moving towards… that along with crazy headlines like “You won’t believe what instantly cute kitten did, but when you see it you won’t be able to stop crying”.

Can You Do Anything About Micro-Decisions?

This is something I’ve thought a ton about lately. We are changing and testing offer on one of our products and I kept coming back to the same things:

  • We need to ensure it has a perception of value visually.
  • Beyond the headline what do they have to see to instantly realize the core benefit of our product?
  • What’s the best visual we should have that provides instant high value and let’s someone imagine the end result of using our product?
  • What top 2 objections do they have and can we visually lead them to conclude they aren’t objections to be concerned about?

You’ll notice all of these come back to some visualization. I believe that’s where these micro decisions are taking place.

Since we have started to pay more attention to these questions we have seen an uptick in all our KPI’s both in marketing and sales.

Try it yourself. Imagine you visit a page for a product and you start to digest the headline. But in the periphery you’re also consuming the visual of the page. If there’s a video you see the thumbnail. There are also other visual cues you’re picking up (most likely subconsciously). Are the visuals in align with what the headline is saying in my head? Bam, you’re going to buy this thing right now… [note to self, add checkout button right here in post].

Now sure a good majority of the time it’s here when your interest is raised and you start to explore the offer further, you haven’t decided quite yet. But what if it’s not, what if it’s here where the purchase decision for some people (sometimes me included) have already been made?

What do you think? Am I off here in some alternate purchasing  multi-verse?