Create Your Own Marketing Bookshelf

The world for at least the last 30 years has been moving at light speed towards specialization.  Society and the individual are becoming more specialized in their job, career, and knowledge.

Who can blame people as the complexity of business and technology make it increasingly difficult to do your job unless

you are highly skilled. Then to get ahead you have to specialize even more.

As someone who works with a lot of Entrepreneurs and creative people I think this drive towards specialization is a huge mistake.

To Succeed Your Knowledge Must Not Be To Specialized

This issue is becoming more prevalent as I speak with people about digital marketing. From mobile, social, to the basics of internet marketing.

Often conversations start out like…

Okay, we are on in Facebook now what do I do?


How to I search engine optimize our site?

While these are great questions we always try to step back and see if there is a larger strategy in place. Usually and sadly, there is not. But then we peel it back even further and realize that there is a larger issue.

Not only is there no strategy but often times we find that the team or the individual does not contain a base knowledge of marketing. Items such as positioning and branding.

I Know You’re Busy

That is the biggest response we get… but I have a few larger points. Ultimately marketing is the basis of a strong business. Someone… not sure who… once said that marketing is the basis of all business. So having a marketing book always on your desk ready to be digested is a must.

I’ve found that most quality services and product makers like to work with a more educated client. That is one of the many things that is great with new media… it allows buyers of services and products to be much more informed.

The Real Reason This Matters

Specifically when we talk about digital media marketing it is always important that everybody around the table has a basis in core marketing techniques. This allows you  to really focus on using the channels of social, mobile, and internet available to you.

When this happens then your conversations are focused on strategy and some tactics.

The Answer

The answer is simple. If you don’t have a personal strategy for obtaining marketing knowledge create one. No matter what role or position or future venture you have in store for you this knowledge will be essential.

Sure the landscape of marketing will change, for instance I already see people realizing that social media is completely over-hyped. But for those that are steeped in marketing 101 they use social as an additional channel that integrates into their existing marketing efforts. This only happens because they have a basis of marketing prowess.