Whether you use affiliate marketing to add an extra funding stream to your website or it’s your main source of income, finding the best brands and programs to promote is crucial for success. With so much to choose from, this may initially seem a daunting task but with a little guidance, selecting quality affiliate programs shouldn’t be as challenging as you think.

Here are our top 10 tips for discovering the best affiliate programs to work with.  Sell what you love and it stops being a job. Choose products that you believe in and try them out in advance (if feasible).

If you come across a product you know nothing about but it fits your profile, learn as much as you can about it. Read about the product, use it, become familiar with it.

Of course, you might not feel passionate about every product, but great product knowledge will help fill that gap. This may seem obvious, but it’s such an important point worth stressing.

Finding products that are related to your blog is essential to success. You can, however, think out of the box and be creative. Read more from blog.shareasale.com…

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