Many marketers find tracking the ROI of their video campaigns to be tricky, but that is often the result of poorly developed strategy and improper goal-setting. Broadly speaking, all video marketing will be looking to do one of three things: build brand awareness and trust, increase sales, and educate and inform your customers and potential customers.

Although there will inevitably be overlap between those broad objectives (in the end, all marketing ultimately hopes to increase revenue), you must first define what you want to achieve. If you plan to produce content that targets all three objectives, then think about how you can segment your content and assigning a weight to each metric accordingly.

Once you’ve decided what it is you want your marketing film to achieve, then you can start thinking about how to properly measure success. Here are 10 essential video marketing metrics that fall into one of three broad measures of success.

A. Measuring Reach and Retention Views are one of the easiest metrics to track—and one of the most misleading. Tracking views gives you a very basic idea of how many people are clicking play on your content, but that’s about it.

Play rate gives you more context by dividing views by unique and returning webpage visitors. By showing what proportion of visitors clicked play on your video, this metric is a strong indicator of the effectiveness of various elements, such as video thumbnail, accompanying text, and page positioning. Read more from…

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