Affiliate inactivity is a very common problem. In fact, in most affiliate programs, as much as 90 percent of activity is attributed as little as 10 percent of onboarded affiliates, if not less.

So, in managing an affiliate program it is imperative that you devote time to activation campaigns – motivational initiatives targeting the stagnant or non-producing affiliates in your program. In the past we had proposed the framework to employ, as well as the specific ways to do it.

In this write-up I’d like to focus on the structure of an effective activation email/newsletter. Too many of these fail miserably, because they are missing (either all or most of) the key components which each activation campaign must contain.

So, the recipients of your email joined your affiliate program, but they aren’t active in it. Some may have been stagnant for months; and some may have even forgotten why they had joined you, in the first place!

Use the first paragraph of your email to (eloquently but contagiously) remind them of who you are and why they should re-visit the idea of to promoting your your brand and product(s) through your affiliate program. Be it your unique selling proposition, a perfect resonance of your product(s) with their audience, or anything else… excite them about the prospect of working with you! Read more from…

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