Here’s how you can maximize the impact and ROI of your institution’s marketing by making financial education the central pillar in your online content strategy. By Lindsey McElhaney, Marketing Director/Financial Services at EVERFI According to a 2018 J.D.

Power study, 78% of those in the U.S. are interested in receiving financial advice or guidance from their bank, but only 28% say they’ve received it. There’s a big disconnect here — between consumers’ appetite for informative content and those institutions providing it.

This unmet need presents a massive opportunity for smart, savvy and proactive financial marketers. Delivering valuable guidance and education benefits consumers, the community and the financial institutions who offer it.

Content marketing is a highly effective approach to engaging any target audience. When executed properly, a content marketing strategy leads to more informed, financially capable citizens.

At the same time, it yields strong business development benefits for your organization. Creating compelling content within a marketing context means striking a delicate balance between relevant and interesting material that informs and provides value to consumers while simultaneously promoting your brand without crossing the line. Read more from…

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