Holidays are great times for affiliate promotions, especially Valentine’s Day. Affiliate promotions engage the current affiliate base, plus running promotions properly can aid in affiliate recruitment.

With Valentine’s Day (February 14) on the horizon, here are five tips for running a successful promotion. There should always be goals associated with an affiliate promotion.

Some goals may include increasing overall sales, increasing new customer sales, increasing the AOV (average order value), but the bottom line is: there should always be a reason for doing a promotion. After the promotion ends, analyzing the data is easier when goals were set at the beginning and you can determine the success or failure of the promotion.

This is where some merchants miss the boat. Consider different payouts for specific affiliate types.

For example, content affiliates may receive a higher commission on all sales during the promotion than coupon affiliates. Increasing commissions for a type of affiliate should take into account the discount amount, margins per sale, and the affiliates current commission payout. Read more from…

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