Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are evolving concepts for shoppers and retailers alike. Catching Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals doesn’t require rushing to the stores, or even to the nearest computer.

Cyber Monday isn’t just a day. It’s a whole week or more.

Just how much the holiday kickoff has changed is evidenced by retailers’ Google Shopping performance during the bonanza of Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Traffic from the channel jumped 88 percent over the same five-day period last year, according to our research into a sample of over 300 retailers ranging in size and vertical.

Revenue was up 62 percent, and retailers nearly doubled their investment in Google Shopping over the same period last year — likely due to a combination of surging traffic and an increased number of retailers competing in the channel. Many retailers throw out the rule book during the biggest shopping days of the year.

They often prioritize revenue, customer growth and clearing out inventory over traditional direct response ROI tactics like driving return on ad spend (ROAS). But the holiday kickoff is also a time to expose new consumers to your brand, reactivate dormant shoppers and acquire a larger share of wallet among existing customers. Read more from…

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