Every corporate online newsroom has “musts”—the essential areas that are
most visited by reporters and other key users. Sometimes those essentials are popular parts of the site—as when Nissan creates an archive
of its
concept cars, or models that won’t be sold but herald future developments or are
fantasy vehicles.

At other times, the essentials have a narrower audience, as when Mayo Clinic posts a
b-roll interview with a medical expert. Either way, the two top newsrooms from widely divergent organizations offer
lessons that every communicator should consider.

Above all, know your
business, your industry and the news media well enough to anticipate what
will draw reporters and others. “What we’re trying to do is break through the noise and meet the media and
the consumer where they are consuming content,” says Ron Petrovich,
director of communications for news and news delivery at Mayo Clinic.

develop fresh content based on our strategic priorities, but we also want
to get into the news cycle as well.” Here are a few areas every online newsroom should offer: Whenever possible, Mayo produces multimedia content, because journalists
like to share information in ways that offer consumers a richer experience,
Petrovich says. Similarly, visitors are more like to share multimedia
content on Facebook and Twitter.

B-roll is in high demand with reporters at downsizing news outlets that are
stretched thin, Petrovich says. TV reporters now must handle social media,
and newspaper reporters have to shoot video. Read more from prdaily.com…

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