On the morning of Tuesday, June 12 we received the sad news that Michael Kirchhoff, our Senior Director of Content, had passed away. His contributions here at BrightEdge were many, and the energy and dedication he brought will be sorely missed.

Michael’s passing is a huge loss for BrightEdge and the SEO community, but far more importantly, it is a loss for his family. A striking aspect of any testimonial about Michael is that they mention not just his skill as an SEO professional, but his genuineness, humility, positivity, and overall quality of character.

He was truly one of the good guys of SEO. In memorial to Michael, and to honor his contributions to BrightEdge, the discipline of SEO, and his community, we are introducing the Michael Kirchhoff Technical SEO Award to be awarded this October at Share San Francisco.

Before joining BrightEdge, Michael honed his SEO skills in several places after getting his start as a digital strategist in 1996. Based out of Tulsa, he contributed his marketing skills at a variety of local brands, most notably PennWell Publishing.

At PennWell, Michael worked in several roles, including digital media product management, SEO and search marketing manager, and finally as director of SEO and product support. As director of SEO, a role he held for ten years, he defined an enterprise SEO strategy for an astounding 118 websites across 10 different industries. Read more from brightedge.com…

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