In the tech industry, a willingness to iterate is key to success. This is especially true when it comes to young companies like Rewards21, a restaurant-focused customer loyalty startup launched by former President and CEO Cary Chessick.

“When we started the business, we wanted to dive deep and figure out all the nuances of card-linked offer technology as it applied to the restaurant space,” said Chessick. “We’ve narrowed our focus because now we know what works well for our restaurant partners,” said Chessick.

Rewards21 initially featured more of a consumer focus. Diners were prompted to create profiles and link their cards to them, and in exchange they would receive cash back when they ate at in-network restaurants.

Rewards21 bridges the gap between online ads and offline transactions for restaurants.” Card-linked cash back is still Rewards21’s bread and butter, but the company is now focused primarily on bringing restaurants, not diners, onto the platform. When a restaurant signs up with Rewards21, their cash back offer is promoted across the internet on sites such as Yelp, and USAA.

“Rewards21 bridges the gap between online ads and offline transactions for restaurants,” Chessick said. “Our technology gives us the ability to track an online ad to an in-store transaction. Read more from…

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