by Allison Schiff
// Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018 – 6:00 am This is the third in a series of deep dives from AdExchanger on mobile fraud and mobile data quality, including guides to fraud tactics and threat vectors and practical solutions from advertisers in the growth and user acquisition trenches. Part I: “2018 Will Be A Year Of Reckoning For Mobile App-Install Fraud” Part II: “Mobile Data Has A Quality Control Problem” Marketers are spending more than ever on mobile, and fraudsters are hot on their heels.

The answers are more complicated than either/or, yes or no. That’s because bad actors commit fraud with one goal in mind: to make money.

And they do this through a balancing equation of risk vs. effort vs. reward. If there’s a loophole, they’ll find it, mine it and move on when it’s no longer profitable.

“It all comes down to the ease of theft, coupled with the payoff and combined with the fraudster’s skill set and access to technology,” said Rich Kahn, CEO and founder of digital marketing firm eZanga. “The bottom line is they know how to get paid, and they’ll exploit anything they can get their hands on.” Right now, that’s primarily apps.

It’s where fraudsters are investing, so to speak. But mobile web fraud is still plucking cash from advertisers’ pockets. Read more from…

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