Forget what you thought you knew about marketing. The game has changed and if you don’t adjust you might get left behind.

Advertising has become increasingly loud, in your face, bold and the shouting has become so deafening that consumer attention is flatlining. Competing is hard work and you really have to be able to pull out all the stops to get noticed.

Consider these alternative options that might just get your message across without having to resort to loudspeakers: Generally speaking it is a good idea to give your market what they want and if you haven’t noticed yet, they crave good content. Consumers miss the days of having a personal butcher, knowing the guy who works on their car by his first name and having their banker on speed dial.

Give them back that sense of trust by marketing your story. Contrary to popular belief a website is not something that survives on its own.

Apart from making sure that it is up to date, mobile-friendly and easy to use, you will also need to constantly drive traffic to it. If you didn’t spend hundreds of thousands on developing it, chances are it is not showing up in search results. Read more from…

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