As expected, Apple’s iPhone X showcases an array of impressive features. Among them are advances like FaceID, high definition cameras, stronger glass and — perhaps most interestingly for marketers — augmented reality (AR) abilities.

AR, once considered a futuristic technology, has officially made its way into the mainstream thanks to Apple and its ARKit software. In its highly anticipated keynote, Apple demonstrated the new technology’s ability to superimpose images onto reality, integrate voice and expression into ‘animojis’ and more — and we know this is just the beginning.

Apple’s ARKit allows consumers to look through the iPhone camera and see virtual objects and personal information overlaid on top of physical objects in the real world (think Pokémon GO). This outfits the iPhone with augmented reality abilities in an accessible way.

One use of AR will be to help increasing numbers of customers better experience products in-store. Uniqlo’s interactive mirrors, which superimpose images of outfits on customers, are a great example of this.

AR will also be used to draw customers into stores via customized offers and interactive apps and web sites, like Sephora’s Virtual Artist. These consistent and thoughtful interactions will lead to positive results in the long and short term — their interactive and personalized nature gives customers an extra reason to visit a store, while also providing the foundation for lasting connections. Read more from…

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