The following students from west-central Wisconsin have earned bachelor’s degrees:  Hager City: Miranda Maxwell, business administration; Maxwell Peterson, business administration. Hammond: Cassandra Brunclik, chemistry; Luke Mortenson, computer science and information system; Hannah Ramberg, communication sciences and disorders.

Hixton: Brielle Lien, animal science. Houlton: Erin Carlson, animal science.

Hudson: Derek Bauer, physics; Diana Beavers, sociology; Joseph Berg, criminology and sociology; Allison Delacy, business administration; Eric Dommeyer, physics; Amelia Dunlap, marketing communication; David Gehring, physics; Emma Gohlke, elementary education; Nicholas Hanke, stage and screen arts; Alec Herbst, business administration; Emily Holman, fine arts; Katrina Hostetler, elementary education; Matthew Johnson, marketing communications; Jennifer Kivi, business administration; Margaret Koenig, business administration; Jacob Mantalica, communication studies; Travis Maruska, communication studies. Julian McPherson, marketing communications; Chase Myers-Beck, biology; Trisha Nelson, social work; Michael O’Connell, accounting; Taylor Rose, biology; Ida-Ellen Sansom, business administration; Ethan Stanchik, business administration; Ross Wusterbarth, physics.

Knapp: Dylan Windsor, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Ladysmith: Rylie Daggett, agricultural business; Breanne Meyer, agricultural business.

Loyal: Cody Dietsche, agricultural business. Menomonie: Dagan Hathaway, mathematics and physics; Charles Thao, computer science and information system, and mathematics. Read more from…

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