UW-Baraboo business-economics professor Musa Ayar this month was named this year’s Arthur M. Kaplan award recipient by UW Colleges leaders. The award is presented annually to a faculty member at each of the state’s 13 UW Colleges for their contributions to students.

For one University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County professor, student honors projects are a way to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that can be applied to future careers and life beyond academia. UW-Baraboo business-economics professor Musa Ayar has overseen several student research projects over the past three years that examined a diverse range of topics, including the effect of student performance on teacher pay, the impact of teen pregnancy on high school dropout rates and cost-benefits analyses of local businesses.

Ayar said the research process often benefits students later in life. “For some of these research projects I kind of know what’s going to come out of it, but the point is to push students there and let them figure it out,” he said.

“They can take that entire learning process somewhere else and apply it there too.” Ayar’s dedication to student research, along with several other factors earned him this year’s Arthur M. Kaplan Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to students made by UW Colleges faculty. UW Colleges Chancellor Cathy Sandeen said in a letter to Ayar that he was chosen to receive the award by his colleagues for his commitment to student honors projects, “improvement of instructional methods” and “use of technology in the classroom.” “You are being honored for your tireless efforts with our student honors projects through which you not only elevated the scholarship of our students but also bolstered our campus’ reputation for academic excellence,” she said.

“You make a significant impact on students, staff and faculty, and therefore it is fitting that you receive this award.” Ayar has taught at UW-Baraboo since 2010 and earned tenure in 2016. During that time, he worked to advance the university’s online course program, earned a leadership role overseeing UW Colleges academic departments and played an integral role in developing the UW Flexible Option four-year degree. Read more from wiscnews.com…

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