If you’re an avid watcher of YouTube you’ve undoubtedly seen videos mentioning Best Fiends. And if you’ve seen videos mentioning Best Fiends, chances are you’ve gone onto play the free addictive puzzle adventure game.

And if you’ve played the addictive puzzle adventure game, chances are you’ve spent some cash to positively augment your in-game experience. Best Fiends hit $100 million in lifetime revenue back in December 2017, just three years after its initial launch.

That’s in part due to video game developer Seriously Digital Entertainment‘s continued investment into the Best Fiends ecosystem and its ancillary programming. But it’s also in part due to a bold marketing strategy that in early 2016 shifted nearly all of the game’s marketing budget to YouTube influencers.

While other installments of Behind the Brand Deal have given a peek into an influencers‘ take on influencer marketing, how top managers view sponsored content, and established public relations firms have participated in the trend, this is the first article we’ve published in the series that explores how a successful company approaches influencer marketing at scale. And when we say at scale, we mean it.

Best Fiends has worked with influencers to produce over 2,000 pieces of content to date. We were lucky enough to ask Seriously’s SVP of Brand & Marketing, Phil Hickey some questions about how he approaches influencer marketing and how he was able to architect such a successful strategy. Read more from tubefilter.com…

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