Home  >  Media and Marketing  >  Marketing  >  Booming gaming sector is becoming seriously attractive for marketers Change is inevitable, and nowhere is that more so than in online and video games, where transformation is happening in the blink of an eye, thanks to the velocity inherent in digital media. While the business of gaming continues to evolve, mobile gaming is playing a large role in broadening traditional perspectives.

Going by the sheer numbers the answer looks affirmative. As increasing number of consumers are spending more of their time to gaming than ever before, the world of gaming looks to present many opportunities for marketers to reach their consumers.

While many consider “gamers” to be a niche group of PC and console players, the rise of mobile gaming has expanded the definition to a much wider group. “Not only have mobile gaming apps expanded the gaming landscape, but the growing popularity of eSports and the introduction of virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) devices to the category are making gamers even more of an interesting and attractive market,” says a study by Nielsen.

In addition, VR/AR devices recently entered the mainstream gaming scene, which could broaden the scope of the gaming realm even further. “Generating “buzz”—word of mouth—is how gamers typically become aware of both console/PC and mobile titles.

While TV commercials are more effective for console/PC games, mobile games have the ability to utilize the app store (through rankings and features) to best reach these gamers,” notes an analysis by Nielsen. READ: Guess how much brands will spend on advertising in FIFA World Cup!  Statistics reveal that only 11% of console gamers own a VR Headset. Read more from ameinfo.com…

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