For marketing, automation is a useful tool that allows advancement, quickness, and accuracy in the conveyance of a message or a post. Social media marketing is one of the rapidly growing digital marketing services that allow branding and proliferation of sales while creating product awareness on a mass level.

Chatbots complement social media marketing as they engage consumers regarding content consumption, customer service, and transactional engagements. Through a process called deep learning, chatbot’s network recognizes speech, data, and specific patterns, then transmit the data through layers of the network providing accurate results each time the AI faces the same problem or query from the users.

An easily programmable platform, cheap deployment costs, and ready-to-use modules have resulted in the increased engagement of bots in digital marketing strategies. Voice assistants and messaging platforms can revolutionize a bland marketing strategy.

A bot can be set up to emulate a live chat and talk with the customers. A bot is also equipped to handle everything from finding prospects to analyzing traffic on the site.

Incorporating bots in lead management processes reduces the workload as the bot handles the grunt work of bringing the lead in and finding the right product or service for them. Bots also simplify getting demographics and psychographics as they are programmable to track each customer’s purchasing pattern. Read more from…

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