Phil Alexander is stepping down as CEO of BrandMuscle, which has overhauled its executive team since last summer. One major change: Alexander — who founded the Cleveland office of the marketing software and services company — will be replaced by not one but two executives from within the company.

Paul Elliott will oversee BrandMuscle’s offices in Cleveland, Austin and Kansas City, while Raymond Trantina will lead the Chicago team, which focuses on BrandMuscle’s customers in the beverage industry and produces printed marketing materials. Both will hold the title of president and report to the board of directors.

Another major change: The executive team is now much smaller. The company, which focuses on helping large companies market themselves to local audiences, listed 12 executives on its website back in August.

Seven of them are no longer with the company, or eight if you count Alexander, who will continue as CEO through a transition period and will remain a shareholder and board member. Those executives left for a variety of reasons.

Some were let go, some left to take positions at other companies, and some left once they realized “how we were going to structure going forward,” Alexander said. Granted, the company has hired two new executives since last August. Read more from…

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