These days, targeted ads are flying at us at every turn. I find myself in constant inner struggle, because I keep getting pulled in-though I never truly enjoy myself, because I know what they’re doing to me!

So, imagine my surprise when I found myself delightfully lost in the New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players’ most recent marketing campaign – The site claims to be the ‘#1 online dating site for the Queen’s navy, sisters, cousins, aunts and more,’ with dating profiles featuring a variety of characters from the show.

The usernames and profiles are filled with Gilbert and Sullivan inside jokes, but are so deftly handled that the layman won’t be left out in the cold. Simply put…this is a genius campaign–no matter how you slice it.

Even if I wasn’t a G&S fan, I would check this production out. Gilbert and Sullivan were a composer/lyricist duo from Victorian-era England who wrote a whole host of operettas that, since showing up on the scene, have had wide-reaching cultural impact–including Pink Floyd’s “Dark side of the Moon,” Grace and Frankie, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother–frankly, this would quickly turn into a tome if I listed them all.

Trust me when I say that there is G&S at every turn–even if you’re not always aware of it. Their impact is made even more malleable by the strong performance practice of modernizing lyrics, ensuring that the nuance of timely, relevant themes are capitalized on. Read more from…

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