As leader of the CA Technologies product marketing organization, I had my concerns about going agile. Many development teams are small and co-located, making it easy to stay zeroed in on a compact, well-defined deliverable.

But our marketing staff is large, dispersed, and conditioned to long-duration initiatives. I wasn’t sure agile marketing could work at scale.

We didn’t rush headlong into agile marketing. We moved slowly, answering a key question in each phase.

In 2013, I joined a business unit to run strategy, marketing, and business development. It was all-in on agile, across all functions.

I took a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) course and started applying a few of the principles to our strategy and product marketing, but I knew we were just playing at the fringes. We continued to “dabble” in agile until an important catalyst in 2015: the acquisition of Rally Software, a leading provider of agile development software and services. Read more from…

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