BizReport : Advertising : December 22, 2017 First, chatbots. According to our expert, chatbots will see huge growth thanks to consumers’ growing use of mobile shopping channels.

With many chatbots being created and used with social networks like Kik or Facebook Messenger, marketers can piggyback those options with their own content. “Since chatbots are most commonly created for platforms like Facebook Messenger and Kik, they’re already mobile-optimized and primed for user engagement on smartphones and tablets.

They can be used to analyze user behavior to provide real-time updates, tailor customers’ buying experiences, and drive in-store traffic through experiential shopping initiatives,” said Doug Baldasare, CEO & Founder, ChargeItSpot. “In addition, we’ll begin seeing luxury brands become more open to adopting chatbots.

Luxury is generally apprehensive to adopt emerging technologies, but the value of chatbots is too hard to ignore. Saks, Nordstrom, and DFS Duty Free are a few examples of luxury retailers diving into chatbots.

Automaker Daimler has also just released its own chatbot for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which will be accessible through in-unit computer systems.” Shoppable media is another trend marketers should grab onto in the new year. Read more from…

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