Twenty-seven bikers are trekking across 13 northern U.S. states this summer to raise awareness of affordable housing issues. They’re stopping in St. Paul this weekend.

Bike & Build will stop in St. Paul on Sunday and follow that with a volunteer day on Monday.

The participants’ goal is to educate themselves and others about affordable housing as well as rebuild and restore housing in communities along their 4,160-mile route. Each summer, Bike & Build organizes groups of young adults who bike across the U.S., raising funds for and educating communities about the crisis.

Other routes include trips through central and southern U.S. and through the west and northeast coasts. The group left New Hampshire on June 13 and will end in Washington on Aug.

25, traveling an average of 70 to 80 miles each day. Its Twin Cities route will bring them through several cities. Read more from…

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