YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — In an increasingly digital world, the report of print’s death remains an exaggeration. That’s not to say marketing teams are pulling the plug on digital.

Far from it. But more companies are finding success in a blended, customer-centric content marketing strategy with digital and print platforms. “Print is not dead.

It’s coming back in vogue,” asserts Kathie Kinde Clark, content marketing strategist and manager at Stahls’ Transfer Express Inc. in Mentor. “So many people have shifted away from paper, that print cuts through the digital clutter now because it’s novel.” Transfer Express manufactures custom heat-applied transfers used by athletic apparel dealers, T-shirt retailers and other customers in the United States and Canada.

The company’s customers range from mom-and-pop shops to multimillion-dollar corporations, according to Clark. Much of the company’s content marketing efforts are digital.

Monthly webinars, weekly emails and videos, and four to five weekly blog posts engage customers with educational material from tips and tricks on how to use the company’s products, as well as how to market and grow their businesses, Clark says. “It’s definitely a competitive advantage for us,” she continues. “We’ve seen our competition just flat out copy things that we’ve done.” Over the last year, Transfer Express restructured the message of its content from strictly sales to a stronger focus on its customers’ needs, says its director of marketing, Will Reed. Read more from…

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