Today’s empowered customers, choose their path and view the entirety of the experience with your brand across all touchpoints as one connected experience. Your customers interact with you on their own terms, shift preferences, flow across channels, and take unpredictable routes to a fluid destination.

As a result, your sales, marketing, and customer experience organizations need to deal with broader issues: customer’s demand for transparency, shorter consumer attention spans, ubiquitous connectivity and access, and traditional channel fatigue. On the other hand, the back-stage functions need to know where the technology and systems issues lie, to understand where individuals customer’s “get stuck or lost,” and drop off the grid altogether.

To script out a seamless experience and build the perfect journey, you realize it is not an easy task to pinpoint and monetize the most critical paths in the customer journey in the digital era. However, an effective customer journey management program, helps you eliminate any disruption in the customer purchase process and uncover the critical success factor.

It helps to identify gaps, disjointed or frustrating points in their experience with your brand. The barriers to retention might be, because of:
Gaps between devices – when a user moves from one device to another;
Gaps between channels – where the experience of going from mobile to the website could be better;
Gaps between departments – where the user might get frustrated.

Gaps between communication – problems in communication among employees of different departments may also be exposed if they are unable to obtain timely support from peers during service interactions. It helps assess the impact of these gaps to redesign CX across touchpoints optimally. Read more from…

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