Deliveroo is ramping up the pressure on its food delivery rivals as it aims to reach six million UK customers by the end of the year and drive global fame by riding the wave of its latest campaign. Ambitious growth targets are nothing new at Deliveroo.

The five-year-old online food delivery company is on target to hit six million UK customers by the end of 2018 and grow its roster of 10,000 restaurants by 50%, expanding to 50 new towns and cities nationwide. This follows the decision in June to open up its platform to 5,000 eateries by allowing them to use their own fleets rather than its network of 15,000 riders, putting the business in direct competition with rival Just Eat.

Deliveroo, which in September 2017 was valued at $2bn after securing $385m in private investment, is seeking to fill the gap being left by the decline of fast casual restaurants from Byron and Jamie’s Italian, to Prezzo and Carluccio’s. Yet despite the growth, the brand is still guided by founder Will Shu’s ambitious goal to feed people three times a day.

“Will talks about wanting to be the definitive food company, which means that we want to be able to provide amazing food to everyone no matter what their definition of amazing is,” explains Emily Kraftman, head of marketing for UK and Ireland. “To date you’ve been able to get your favourite restaurants, whether that’s Wagamama or Gourmet Burger Kitchen, or your local independent but it’s always been when we’ve done the end-to-end service.

Some people’s local takeaways haven’t joined the platform because they already have their own riders and this allows us to offer that service as well.” Despite being founded and headquartered in London, Deliveroo wants to position itself as a hyper-local brand that reflects the kind of food people love in locations from Manchester to Aberdeen. Having expanded to more than 12 countries globally in the five years since the company was founded, Deliveroo is determined to maintain its disruptive edge as it scales up. Read more from…

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