Group Managing Director of SO&U limited, Mr. Udeme Ufot “Today’s consumer not only receives information, he is a disseminator of information, and co-creator of the brand. Today’s consumers can contribute to building your brand into the most loved and trusted in its category, and can also destroy your brand in seconds.

The consumer has become a communication vehicle and given “word of mouth” a new dimension I can describe as “word of finger”. The customer has transformed into a most unexpected and powerful creature, one that you offend at great peril to your brand” he adds
Mr. Udeme Ufot challenged agencies to maintain relevance by familiarizing themselves with the transformations in the market place and leading clients through the digital maze by taking a deeper look at how they practice marketing through all the various stages, from ideation through to strategy, internal processes and systems to implementation in order to effectively communicate, connect with and profitably satisfy the needs and desires of customers in the Digital Age.

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