See the Tatnall Square installation while you still can. The 40 abstract prints swaying in the breeze down the center of Tatnall Square, better known as the walkway separating the Nemours Building (home of coworking space The Mill) and the Brandywine Building, are a juxtaposition on several levels: old and new, temporary and permanent, low-tech and high tech.

Artist Trissa Hill of Hockessin created the prints that hang between the square’s vintage light posts using an old printmaking technique using clay tablets — but instead of paper, the abstracts are printed on a high tech industrial material called Reemay. The sturdy material, often used in filtration applications, transports a kind of artwork people are used to seeing indoors behind glass out in the open, in the elements, with touching and interacting encouraged.

Co-sponsored by Tapp Network and emerging arts startup CULTURA, which both have offices in The Mill, the pop-up outdoor installation was commissioned earlier this month as part lo-fi viral marketing for the upcoming Tapp Summit on June 19 and part interactive community project. The main purpose is clearly engagement — whether in the form of an organized event or by people just stopping to look on their lunch break.

The location was an obvious one for a partnership between Mill members — the art can be seen from the coworking space’s west-facing windows — and they were given enthusiastic permission from its owner, Buccini/Pollin Group. “They were helpful and very positive,” CULTURA founder Melissa Froemming said of BPG’s involvement.

BPG Director of Design and Marketing Sarah Lamb was especially involved with making the project happen. “Sarah is an architect, so her heart is with the arts,” Froemming said. Read more from…

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