Moving away from in-stream as the primary online video format will help break through advertising clutter and help brands better engage with consumers, particularly on mobile devices, according to Droga 5’s Frank Cannata. “If you’re constantly just trying to get that pre-roll in front of a consumer and all they’re doing is waiting for that skip button, you’re wasting the whole effort,” the agency’s Head of Performance Marketing says in this interview with Beet.TV during the Digital Content NewFronts presentations.

Looking at the mix between branding and activation, it pretty much needs to be customized based on the product or service category, says Cannata. Data obviously plays a big part in understanding consumers and what messaging will resonate with them.

“It’s all about behavior now. I think the breakdown between performance and what it used to mean is different.

It’s just advertising now,” says Cannata. Asked about creative versioning, he cites the attendant financial constraints involved but feels it’s important element of connecting with consumers if done properly.

“If I’m showing you a message versus what I’ve seen, that’s got to be tailored to what resonates for me. It think that versioning is going to play an important part in how we break through that media assault.” While interactive ads are moving beyond display, video is still king, according to Cannata. Read more from…

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