Elite SEM has Expanded its Board of Directors Twice Already This Year Elite SEM, an award-winning digital marketing agency, announced that Gayle Meyers, Chief Marketing Officer at LUMA Partners, has joined its Board of Directors. Meyers has more than twenty years’ experience in digital media and marketing as both CEO and CMO.

As CMO at LUMA, an Investment Bank with a singular focus on digital media and marketing, and the creators of the renowned LUMAscape, Meyers leads overall marketing, branding, communications, and partnership strategy. Meyers also frequently serves as a featured keynote speaker at LUMA client events, particularly in the technology and software industries.

Before joining LUMA, she was Founder and CEO of Digital Media Review and Industry Index, which provides ratings, review, research, and management consulting services across the advertising technology landscape for CMOs. Prior to that, Meyers served in a variety of strategy, business development, and leadership roles at Conversant, DoubleClick, AOL, and 24/7 Media.

“Gayle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on the tech side of our industry and, most importantly, a view into Elite from the eyes of leading industry CMOs. Her passion for marketing and for building connections across this fragmented, complex, and dynamic digital ecosystem is remarkable and is a common thread across her past and present endeavors.

I look forward to seeing Elite SEM flourish and deliver even greater levels of performance for our clients,” says Ben Kirshner, Founder and CEO of Elite SEM. Elite SEM has expanded its Board of Directors twice already this year, in support of accelerated growth for the agency. Read more from martechseries.com…

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