The two top challenges facing today’s leaders are employee engagement and effective strategy execution, according to a survey of 1248 senior directors and executives, of which 10 percent come from the Middle East. The top five challenges also include talent management, driving work across organizational boundaries and collaborative working across teams. These are just some of the findings from the London Business School’s Leadership Institute study that explores the issues facing the world’s leaders of business and other organizations.

“Importantly, these top five issues are all intertwined: disengaged employees are unable to put strategy into place effectively. The commercial imperatives are clear.

Without an effective strategy which the workforce fully supports, organizations suffer and results fall,” explained Randall S. Peterson, Academic Director of London Business School’s Leadership Institute. He explained that this is pertinent today given the growth in the service economy.

People really are an organization’s most important asset. So for success, employee engagement has never been more important.

“Furthermore, this widespread study demonstrates that four of the top five issues facing organizations relate to managing the workforce. The UK, for example, is plagued by poor productivity, so organizations need to address the full range of people management issues to up their game,” Mr Peterson added. Read more from…

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