Whether you’ve just started or have already launched successful ABM campaigns, there are still interesting parts of this conversation from the on-demand webinar to enjoy. Chris Mitchell, Regional VP, Customer Success EMEA at ON24 hosted the webinar with three marketing experts at The Insight50 panel: ABM is all about applying a strategic approach to bring together the marketing and sales teams. The goal is to identify and target the most important customers, both new and existing.

Content created in collaboration with ON24. According to Joel Harrison and their recent survey at B2B Marketing, most people are still low in the adopting curve of ABM. They’ve just started to understand what it is and what they can do about it.

This scoping phase can bring new opportunities, but also many questions on how marketers can make the most of it. A common question is how to involve ABM as part of your organization and how marketing can work with this.

According to Guy Phillips, there are three main buckets on how ABM fits your organization and these depend on the market, the culture and the structure of each organization. Thus, there are three different ways to involve ABM: b. Sales team driving sales process, with the marketing team working at an additional function c. Working at an equal process both driving sales together The choice depends on where you are on the journey and how your organization structures the roles.

As for the stage that the participants of the webinars are in ABM, 47.4% of them find ABM really interesting, but they still want to learn more about it. According to Leanne Chescoe, there is currently a mixture on the clients understanding ABM, with some of them acknowledging how it works, while there’s still a big level of education on the best practices of ABM. The next challenge for everyone who understands ABM is how to scale their efforts and how to use technology to feed that. Read more from clickz.com…

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