The Financial Times is planning to use experiential marketing to better connect with its audience and pull in new readers to the FT Weekend. The paper, which has today launched a colourful and provocative out of home global brand campaign, is planning on creating an event in the summer.

The first phase of the campaign by The Brooklyn Brothers is a series of colourful and provocative posters that are based around the editorial content. Marcy Richardson, global brand director at the Financial Times, said: “We didn’t want to tell people something, we wanted to provoke them and in the centre in every ad is a provocation.”

The second part of the campaign will be an event in June to give readers a better opportunity to engage with the paper. Richardson added: “The ads let people know [about the brand] and bring them into the content, but the experiential part will allow them to interact with us as a business and as a brand, and hopefully that’s a much more deeper engagement with new potential readers.”

Finola McDonnell, the Financial Times chief communications and marketing officer, explained that the title already hosts an annual event for readers FT Weekend Festival which is now in its third year. She said: “It’s told us that there is that appetite for folk to really engage with the weekend beyond reading the articles.”

McDonnell added that the company has also hired Tamara Gates in a new role as experiential marketing manager. Gates joins from MPC where she was PR and marketing manager. Read more from…

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