As Chief Revenue Officer at CrossInstall, I lead our business teams, which include three lines of business — the DSP Performance Business, Brand Sales, and Creative Partnerships — and ensure they are operating efficiently.With CrossInstall’s massive expansion in the last two years, it is critical we execute a thorough and diverse revenue generation strategy. I’ve worked in the mobile advertising space for over nine years and was able to leverage previous industry relationships I had at AdMob, Google, and Chartboost to help expand the advertiser base at CrossInstall.

One of the best aspects of martech is that technology rapidly advances so new challenges and opportunities arise on a day-to-day basis. For example, new ad formats are popping up, but there’s still very much a need for traditional ad formats and new and old can be quite complementary.

From a demand perspective, there’s a certain type of advertiser who will benefit from native and potentially a different type of advertiser who would benefit from an interactive ad. Change is constant, and our business must adjust accordingly to remain competitive and relevant.

Our business team represents over a third of our company, and we’re all driven by a common goal — To make CrossInstall the industry leader in interactive ads and performance advertising. Our team has extensive experience in ad tech, and we value sharing information across teams and celebrating wins as a business.

Whether it’s signing on a new client or launching a campaign, we take the time to acknowledge our successes (and failures). Considering we are a mobile ad tech company, our team is extremely familiar and comfortable with mobile phones and tablets, in-app interactions, and programmatic buying. Read more from…

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