Facebook’s News Feed is a lot of things, but these days, it’s rarely inspirational. With 2.13 billion monthly users, Facebook has more reach than any other social network, but it’s not the best option for consumers to get ideas and enjoy visually pleasing experiences.

In recent years, Pinterest and Instagram have filled that void. The visual nature of Pinterest and Instagram puts more focus on imagery and style.

They’re a welcome alternative to Facebook’s status updates, political rants and personal milestones. The two networks are where consumers turn to find visual inspiration, whether it’s in food, fashion or home design.

Marketers are also finding Pinterest and Instagram to be upbeat, fun and conducive to advertising messages. In fact, Pinterest was on track to post $500 million in revenues in 2017, up 67 percent from 2016.

Facebook doesn’t disclose Instagram’s revenues, but it did announce that the photo- and video-sharing network had doubled its total number of advertisers in six months, surpassing 1 million last March. Providing a source of visual inspiration is just one reason why Pinterest and Instagram are effective places to advertise. Read more from adweek.com…

thumbnail courtesy of adweek.com