Out of the ashes, something new. The year in the music biz got off to a stunning start when Amrap split from its management parent, the CBAA, due to what Amrap staff described as a raft of conduct, governance and management issues. An ugly divorce followed, as all six Amrap staff united under the “Republic of Amrap” to blow the whistle. Their campaign appeared to be amassing stakeholder support across both community radio and the music industry, until the CBAA announced they had sacked the entire Amrap team, and both parties went abruptly silent.

The CBAA had little to say about the issues raised. Industry professionals were alarmed by the situation and the outcome, with Mushroom’s Ian James describing the CBAA’s response as ‘curious’ and ‘very corporate’, others praising the work and reputations of the Amrap staff, and Stephen Green calling on the CBAA to provide more of an answer that “just pretending like nothing happened”.

More than half-a-year has passed since TIO broke the story, the news cycle has moved on. Though a sense of unfinished business remains, the team behind Amrap has also moved on.

The former Amrap crew has reunited under a new organisation, ontoitmedia. Its mission: to make it easier for pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, festivals and other venues to program and promote live music increase.

The project got a boost yesterday when City of Sydney announced grant funding for live music enterprises, including a cash injection for the Sydney Venue Toolkit, a B2B website to be created by ontoitmedia. The Industry Observer caught up with ontoitmedia‘s Chris Johnson, Brooke Olsen and Chelsea Deeley to explore their new organisation, and their take on the Amrap management issue they blew the whistle on earlier this year. Read more from theindustryobserver.com.au…

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