In an official announcement Google announced that they were taking action on scammers making robocalls that represented themselves as coming from Google. Buried near the end of the article was an announcement that Google was planning to launch a directory of a directory of whitelisted third parties that manage Google My Business (GMB) listings.

Google’s new directory is a part of a new program called, Google My Business Partners program. The announcement stated that Google will promote the new directory to businesses enrolled in the Google My Business (GMB) program.

Here’s the official statement: “We’re launching the Google My Business Partners program. The program will give business owners a directory of trusted partners to choose from when they need help managing their listings.” Non-approved third parties will still be able to manage GMB listings, but they will not be on the list of approved parties that will be promoted to small businesses by Google.

The announcement made no mention of how to join the approved SEO whitelist. However there was a related announcement published on May 1, 2018.

The article was titled, Making Google My Business Work for Agency and Platform Partners. The article was about an improved API. Read more from…

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