Quintessentially search, no matter what the terminology Today’s search is providing a progressively richer and more informative experience. Users can now see in one interface all the relevant information about a customer, a product or a research topic.

In the age of big data, the growing number of data types and ever-increasing demand for rapid access to and understanding of content, search will only become more essential. To enhance its marketing capabilities, Heritage Bank, Australia’s largest customer-owned bank, has enlisted the help of SAS.

The bank is working with SAS to better understand its customers and improve its marketing campaigns. Jane Calder, the bank’s general manager of product and marketing, says that outdated direct marketing processes could not provide a high level of customer engagement.

She explains, “Our data was unstructured and ad hoc, and with campaign development involving a number of different teams, it took much too long to get a campaign into market. We were missing untapped opportunities, so we had to look at using data for better ways of communicating with existing and potential new customers.” Calder continues, “By the time the lists and creatives were made ready, a typical campaign could take up to four or five weeks to get underway.

Also, everything was mass communication, rather than being targeted at individual customers based on their past behaviors and precise product holdings. We had to make a lot of compromises, which wasn’t optimal.” Heritage turned to SAS for an automated, trigger-based campaigns solution. Read more from kmworld.com…

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