Focus on Local Content
Focus on Local Content (image by Editor B)

One of the best ways to get high search engine rankings is to create hyper local focused content.

If you aren’t doing this I would suggest that you change your thinking on content. The goal here is to be so focused on local relevant information so that the search engines see you as the ultimate authority in this area.

This takes advantage of what is called the long tail of search results. This allows you to get search engine rankings where there is less competition and usually more targeted traffic.

In this post I will share with you why and how you should create and promote this type of content. I’ve also created a video presentation below.

I’ll use an example to illustrate this. Let’s say you are a real estate agent. You have a blog and you live in a city called Plano, TX. You work with two types of people. People who want to sell their home and people who want to buy a home (I know pretty obvious).

Here is one suggest I would give to create a groundswell of content.

Figure out the major neighborhoods in your area then…

  • Create a blog post very targeted and keyword focused on these same neighborhoods
  • Create a video of you driving through each neighborhood (5-9 minutes)
  • Create a short audio on these same neighborhoods all with a call to action to visit your website

Why neighborhoods? Well look at it this way. You could only create content about “Plano, TX” and “Real Estate” or “Homes for Sale, sell my home” etc, etc. But trust me this is too blatant. (Do you need to have some of this? Yes).

Your goal is to create an authority around Plano, TX. You do this indirectly but done correctly the search engines will reward you for this authority.

How Would You Promote Your Content?

You release your blog posts over the series of a few weeks. You structure your blog posts with the proper categories and tags that support what you think people would be searching for in this area.

The videos you put on YouTube with a very detailed description linking to your blog post about this neighborhood. You also aggregate this video content as well.

Audio is the last thing you should do but it completes the circle. Do the same as video except you use networks such as and For each episode you reference your blog post in the details section.

Why This Works

This works because first the search engines are getting really good at relational data, words, and places. Second the traffic from people that find you here is extremely focused; it’s the quality over quantity method.

Think about this, if I search for “sell my house in plano, texas” and a website that comes up number one tells me how I can easily sell my house and is built so I can get to know Judy both in a personal and professional way.

What Other Type of Content Should You Create?

When you start thinking about hyper focusing your content other ideas should start to spring up. Is there a local coffee shop you go to? How about a very well visited restaurant? What about shopping centers or parks? Coming up with local content ideas is not that difficult once you start looking at the area around you.

What Should You Have in This Content?

Include the business name and address. Also relevant description of what the business or place is about. Include pictures with title and caption that supports this information.

Give your opinion, share something unique about the place. You have two goals here, first capture search traffic but also engage the visitor. Often times people don’t do both, to be effective you have to do both.

Also don’t release this content all at once, do it on a schedule. Over the course of a few weeks and months. Being consistent is another key and a good way to do this is to create a schedule of your releases in advance.

Creating hyper focused content is one of the best ways to dominate a local niche.