We went to its chief marketplace to find out. Digitalization has changed tourism.

Exploring new destinations, booking, planning what to do and even post-holiday reviews about our experiences – all of this takes place online. At ITB Berlin, the world’s biggest travel fair, digitalization is a core topic for 10,000 exhibitors from 186 countries.

Apps, social media, virtual reality, 360 degrees videos – it’s the end of traditional travel as we know it. And no matter who you speak to, they’ll tell you it’s a game changer Today’s tourists interact at every stage of their journey.

A great experience – and, conversely, a bad one – is likely to be exposed much more than ever before through social networks. The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean increasingly lets influencers temporarily take over its own social media accounts.

The national tourism board says that influencers are not paid. What they get is the country’s beauty as a backdrop to impress and to enlarge their following. Read more from euronews.com…

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