Recently, Facebook lost support due to mishandling of user data as with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. All eyes are on the social media giant to fix some fundamental issues within its platform.

In an effort to show only “trustworthy” posts and to encourage “meaningful” interactions, Facebook changed its algorithm. What this amounts to in real life may not be exactly what Mark Zuckerberg had in mind.

Due to the influencer marketing approach involving transparency and camaraderie, influencers might be the key to hacking the Facebook update. This isn’t the first time Facebook’s news feed algorithm was changed.

In 2013, the platform did something in a similar vein trying to show “high-quality articles” as opposed to content that was hosted somewhere other than on Facebook itself. Viral news sites like Upworthy were affected most.

You can expect similar casualties with the latest Facebook algorithm and Facebook update. For example, if you do a Facebook search for “LittleThings“, you won’t see the same results as you would have in December of last year. Read more from…

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