The key to creating content that people will love, is to focus more on the users, and less about your business | Source: Shutterstock By Taylor Bragg | 20 March, 2018 THERE is really no denying that today, content is king. Consumers are rarely falling for flashy ads with the amount of information available to them online.

With this in mind, the only way you can really draw consumers in is by providing value through content marketing. A successful content marketing strategy is one that delivers valuable information to your target audiences, not only boosting your credibility but also customer loyalty.

Tech Wire Asia | 1 March, 2018 A common mistake that many companies make when carrying out their content marketing is by focusing too much on themselves. “Of course they’re talking about themselves, it’s their marketing campaign” you may be muttering to yourself.

But while promoting your products or services and talking about how good they are should, of course, be part of your strategy, you should also focus more on educating your audience. Consumers want content that focuses on them- and for free.

Companies that are doing this successfully are those that are winning over consumers. An example of a company that has aced this strategy is Birchbox, who witnessed surges in subscriptions to its beauty sample service after producing a blog and magazine about grooming and makeup. Read more from…

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